Madhumita Tripathy

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

An IT consultant in her previous birth, Madhumita is the heart of Scriptur. Her objective is to ensure that the Scriptur brand identity is synonymous with quality and reliability. Customer-focused and goal-oriented, she is also a superlative. writer.

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Namrata Praharaj

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Namrata's vast content and graphics experience across online and offline media laid the foundation for Scriptur. A writer, a designer and a marketer, she wears many hats. Perfection is her forte, and is evident in all the work she does.

scriptur team members

Dhirendra Khandelwal

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

A successful entrepreneur, with an IT company and a B2C company under his belt, Dhirendra's foresight and business acumen were the driving force behind creating Scriptur. He manages the operations of Scriptur, in addition to setting directions for its growth.

scriptur team members

Our Team

All our team members are screened and rated based on multiple parameters. The team includes freelancers on retainership between the ages of 21 and 74. It includes students, erstwhile bankers, copywriters, teachers, bloggers with knowledge on food, travel, lifestyle, movies and books and retired government officials. We consciously choose writers who are not full-time employed otherwise and prefer writers who have had personal experience in different industries. All the deliverables we create are personally approved by the management team to ensure quality and consistency.

scriptur team members
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